We understand that you are well settled and made a lot of money for yourself: be it from running your business, high paying job or from inheritance. You understand the importance of money more than anybody because you have the money. At the same time, you understand the importance of preserving it and not letting it getting depleted because of macro-economic factors, ill informed decisions which depletes the wealth.

More than 300 HNIs for whom we are currently working, used to manage and/or allocate their investment portfolio on their own, or through a commission/target driven banks relationship manager or not so financially educated portfolio manager. If you have a portfolio manager and a bank relationship manager who have been referred by your close connect, have you ever wondered:

  • Did they ever ask about investment in low-risk government bonds (the most secured asset class) for balancing your portfolio? – They don’t get commissions on it but has to be a part of even the most aggressive portfolios.
  • Did they ever suggest you about buying Gold bonds to hedge against multiple assets? – Even warren buffet hedges with gold. Why not you just because your agent does not earn commission on it.
  • Did they ever tell you to invest a certain portion of your investment in real-estate? They want to put all your money in equity or bond market so that they keep on earning commissions year on year.
  • Do they care for your money? If your investment portfolio goes for a toss, these bank relationship managers just change the job.
  • Do these investment managers have a reputation at stake? If something goes wrong, they simply say it was a mandate by the bank.
  • Do they tell you about creation of customized financial products as well as investment in alternative investment funds?

Answer is “NO”. All they care about is commissions which they get and/or achieving to the targets given to them by Banks. Also, even if they have made you invest in corporate debt funds, their sole aim is moving that money to mutual funds at later stages so that they can earn higher commissions. Moreover, keeping the money in even AAA rated corporate bonds are riskier and have very low upside when compared to the risks involved.

We, at Chartered Club – India’s number one tax and financial planning solutions company have been burning the candle at both ends for the last 10 years to analyse financial products so as to make the financial life of 1000s of CXOs, HNIs, Start-up Stakeholders and middle management at ease. The investment decisions are taken by Mr. Karan Batra who has a track record of executing a well-defined and strategic financial planning of HNIs aligning perfectly to their future goals including creation of customized financial products as well as investment in alternative investment funds.  Being a hard core India’s notable financial wizard, he brings the following value adds on the table for the existing clients and future prospects:

  1. Discipline – Discipline to invest in multiple asset classes in appropriate proportions considering the risk profile, age of the clients and risk reward ratio – an Individual will never be able to do and a bank relationship manager will never intend to do it.
  2. Customization – Customization of financial products from the bank (yes, you can do it – but not many professionals have the knowledge to do it) as well as investment in alternative investment funds.
  3. Our Reputation – We don’t mis-sell any products or misalign any portfolio just to earn commissions. We are a brand as Mr. Karan Batra has been appearing on financial planning and tax planning shows on monthly basis for the last 5 years. If any mis-selling happens,  our brand goes for a toss.